Lifestyle Compact System

Lifestyle Compact System

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The Lifestyle ‘Compact’ System separates the primary and secondary treatment process into two tanks. The secondary system is ideal for retrofitting to existing septic tanks or the entire system can be installed as a dual tank system.

Once installed, Hynds Lifestyle Systems can be easily landscaped to blend into the surrounding environment. (See our landscaping page for ideas).

High performance, low running costs and guaranteed backup service make Hynds Lifestyle Systems a compact and economical solution for all household wastewater treatment.



Typical sites for Hynds Lifestyle Systems include rural or residential areas not connected to the sewer mains.

The Lifestyle ‘Compact’ System is ideal for retrofitting to existing septic tanks. The dual-tank system is also suitable where site constraints restrict the use of a single-tank system.

Sizing and Design

The sizing of a Lifestyle ‘Compact’ System is based on the peak flows expected. Based on the average expected flow rate, the system can treat 1800 litres of wastewater per day, enough capacity for up to 8 occupants.


Advantages and Features

  • Ideal for retrofitting to existing septic tanks
  • The highest quality concrete construction giving no joints and no leaks
  • ISO9001 quality manufactured
  • Genuine 24-hour emergency capacity
  • No cross contamination of chambers
  • Internal recycling process increases the performance and extends the pump-out frequency of the system.
  • Simple IP rated control and alarm system
  • Quiet and economic operation
  • Visually unobtrusive
  • Low maintenance
  • 24-hour back-up service

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