Lifestyle Irrigation Filter Cleaning System

Lifestyle Irrigation Filter Cleaning System

Hynds Lifestyle wastewater treatment systems are fitted with an IP rated control and alarm system that alerts the homeowner to any service requirements or potential problems.

As a blocked irrigation filter is usually the cause of an alarm activation, the first step if the alarm is activated is to clean the system’s irrigation filter by simply following the steps below. If the alarm is still activated 30 minutes after the irrigation filter has been cleaned out, please call Hynds Environmental on 0800 425 433 to speak to a service technician.

To keep the irrigation filter performing efficiently, we recommend that the homeowner clean the filter every 6-8 weeks.

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1. Turn power off to tank at main board. This should be identified by your electrician. 2. Go to Lifestyle Tank.
3. Slowly remove irrigation cap (unscrew anti-clockwise). It is important to unscrew slowly to allow any built up pressure to be relieved. NB: Filter housing can be orientated in any position. 4. Remove internal filter disc.
5. Loosen disc by unscrewing top off in an anti-clockwise direction. 6. Wash out disc with garden hose or similar. Be sure to separate discs and clean in between.
7. Tighten up disc filter by hand until securely tightened. Place back into filter body (will fit either way). 8. Screw up top of filter housing by hand until securely tightened.
9. Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap. 10. Turn power back on

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