I would like to relay my appreciation for the prompt and excellent service last Friday from your team involved in the repair of our burst water main. We had to shut down the whole marina due to this and thanks to your guys we’re back up and running for the dinner rush. They assured me that they were not going anywhere until the repair was completed which was very reassuring.
Excellent service and thanks again.


Drain Unblocking

We can solve the smallest or largest drainage problem. It can sometimes appear to be a messy job, but we take all precautions to be clean, courteous and respectful of your property.

Using specialised equipment:

  • vacuum loaders
  • hydrojets
  • camera cables and more.
Pipe Re-lining

Our pipe relining system gives you a highly cost effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement, but still offers the structural strength of new pipe. Our system can be used without disturbing any surface materials such as driveways or landscaping.

Vacuum Loading

Commonly cesspits and soak holes block up due to excess silt, debris, rubbish and leaves. We can either use the vacuum loader to suck out the material in the cesspit or flush a cesspit with the hydro jetter to clear it.

CCTV Inspections

CCTV inspections are crucial when there are problems in drains as they can identify the cause of the blockage quickly and effectively. It can save you hundreds of dollars. We perform CCTV inspections for council consents that complying to council standards.

Tree Root Cutting

The most common way we clear blocked drains is either through using a hydrojet – When we use the hydro-jetter, high pressure water is forced through a flexible hose which can negotiate most bends and has the ability to travel to significant distances.

Plumbing Services
  • leaking taps
  • leak detection
  • shower/bath/vanity repairs
  • low pressure solutions
  • waste disposal units
  • water filters
  • dishwashers
  • washing machines
  • burst water pipes
  • Hot water cylinders

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