CCTV for Council

CCTV for Council

What is the difference of the CCTV invesitgation for Council Consent’s?

If you are building, renovating or doing any work on your property the Council may require you to present a report and CCTV footage of the drains beneath the proposed work sites.

These types of CCTV investigation are thorough and take longer as they are more in depth. Please refer to Rates and Payment for costs.

Build Over – This is if you intend on building over a council/public drain. It is required to show the drain you are building over/or near, is in good condition and able to be accessed after the works are done.

In regards to this type of CCTV, the requirements are:

  • the video footage must be from manhole to manhole and the line should be pegged and inverts measured at each boundary crossing
  • be accompanied by a video log in paper format including manhole references
  • be accompanied by a copy of the relevant part of the public drainage plans showing sections that required a camera
  • include the site address and building consent number (if post building consent approval)

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