Cesspits & Soak Holes

Cesspits & Soak Holes

Cesspits and soak holes are small catchment/drains used to divert surface flooding. Commonly cesspits tend to block up due to excess silt, debris, rubbish and leaves.

We can either use the vacuum loader to suck out the material in the cesspit or flush a cesspit with the hydro jet to clear it.

Soak holes are prevalent where there are few or no standard stormwater lines available and are primarily designed to disperse stormwater and excess rain water from a cesspit.

Often they can be defective due to an excessive build up of silt and therefore this inhibits ground leaching. Soak holes can be repaired a number of ways:

  • Vacuum loading sucking out excess silt.
  • Drilled out with inter rock drilling
  • or ultimately, made new.

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