Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking

Satisfaction Guaranteed 24/7 – 365 Days a Year Don’t Waste Money – We Use The Latest CCTV Technology
Master Plumbers One Flat Rate Inc Weekends (7am to 5pm) Outstanding Customer Service
4HR Response Time We Can Solve Any Drainage Problem
What a wonderful company to deal with not only are the office staff friendly and efficient but I can’t speak highly enough of Tei who cleared our drains and Donna who used the camera to help us solve our drainage problems.
The people give you the quote beforehand are on time and do an excellent job.
Cannot recommend or thank them enough. Thanks Abbotts.
Steve (From No Cowboys)
Communication: 100% Quality: 100% Reliability: 100% Value: 100%

Your Drain Unblocked – Fast!

We guarantee to solve your blocked drain problem, be it domestic, commercial or industrial. Abbotts have been unblocking drains for Aucklanders since 1990, so we know a thing or two by now. That’s why we’ve pretty much encountered every drainage problem imaginable.

Flexible and prompt service – 24 hours, 7 days a week with our guaranteed 4 hour unblocking response time* read more about our guarantee

With all our own specialised equipment including vacuum loaders, hydrojets, camera cables and more, we can solve the smallest or largest drainage problem. It can sometimes appear to be a messy job, but we take all precautions to be clean, courteous and respectful of your property.

The most common way we clear blocked drains is either through using a hydrojet – commonly used for stormwater lines, or a rigid drain cleaner – commonly used for sewer lines. We do recommend that you contact us and we can quickly ascertain the nature of the problem and provide the most appropriate course of action.

When we use the hydro-jet, high pressure water is forced through a flexible hose which can negotiate most bends and has the ability to travel to significant distances. We a have a range of nozzles for all types of blockages (ranging from roots to silt and debris).

When the high pressure water roars through the special nozzles the water is transformed into cutting jets which cut through stubborn blockages. The hydro-jet has the capability to tear deposits from the pipe walls and floors, shear through minor tree roots. Your drain is consequently very quickly unblocked.

We have two types of Hydro Jets – all of our unblockers have a built in hydro and water tank, these standard hydros are used for domestic properties and can clear up to a 100ml line.

The other Hydro Jet we have is our commercial 101 hydro. This is a dedicated Hydro truck – this is used for commercial properties and can clear large commercial drains.

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