The Process in detail

The Process in detail

Initial Scope

Upon inspection of the drainage pipe we establish if the lateral is a candidate for lining.

We then identify if the work to be done is a spot repair, sectional liner or full length liner.

Prior to the start of the project, we will explain the process to you.

Note: Start time – the earlier the better to allow for cure time.

NFequipment in van

We prepare the line – Ensuring the pipe has no flow by inserting a plug in front of the repair (water flow can interfere with the retrieval of process as is the case with weeping tile).

Next, we clean roots and any calcity, etc. with our root cutter. Cast pipe may require additional preparation if the pipe is badly corroded or there is a void in the pipe. Identifying any off set joints, void pipe, 22 degree, 45 degree and 90 degree bends.

The length of the repair of the repair is measured by taping off the camera cable. The camera is then pushed to the furthest point of the repair and the cable taped.


How we install the liner

Direct Down Stream
We run line from the house clean out down to the main (If necessary we use a camera to push the bag down to the main). We let the bag float down stream to the manhole.

Direct Up Stream
We run the line from the house clean out down to the main. Retrieving the line by running the camera, mounted with a retrieval hook down through the main. Using the camera to see the bag coming out from the lateral.

Indirect Up Stream
We run a line down stream from manhole B to manhole A. We also run a line from the clean out to the main and downstream to manhole A.
The lines are fastened together at the down stream manhole A and pull back to the up stream manhole.

indirect upstream
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