Sewer Lines

Sewer Lines

We will unblock your blocked sewer line, be it domestic, commercial or industrial with flexible and prompt service – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Abbotts have been clearing sewer lines since 1990.

With all our own specialised equipment including vacuum loaders, hydro jets, camera cables and more, we can solve the smallest problem. It can sometimes appear to be a messy job, but we take all precautions to be clean, courteous and respectful of your property.

Common causes of blocked sewer lines are:

  • root infiltration
  • damaged pipes
  • foreign objects down toilets, gully traps (most commonly sanitary products)
  • ground movement.

For most sewage drains, we tend to use our machine root cutter. You may know this as the curly wurly cables or the electric eel….

Basically this is our portable machine. We can carry this machine to an area that requires attention. To use our root cutter we need access to power, therefore require a power lead left out or someone home to let us plug in our machine.

We use this root cutter when a drain may be too far away for us to use our hydro (for example if we have to park the truck 30 metres away from the drain in question).

One of the benefits with the root cutter is we are sometimes able to retrieve some of the blockage material to inform you of what was causing the line to block.

Not nice, we know – although is quite useful if you wish to have answers as to why your drain blocked.

Either way, our unblockers are trained and confident to be able to work out the best solution and which equipment to use to clear your blocked drain. If you have any queries feel free to ask them any questions on-site.

Enquire now, to get your sewer line unblocked fast.

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