Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems

A complete range of Sewage Treatment Systems

l_manukau_b_1_Partnering with Hynds Environmental Systems, Abbotts Drainage are an authorised installer of Hynds Environmental Systems.

Hynds Environmental offers an elite range of wastewater treatment systems designed by New Zealand engineers to meet the needs of New Zealand households.

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Lifestyle Compact System – Two-tank aerated wastewater system suitable for sites with difficult access. For rural or residential areas not connected to the sewer mains.

Lifestyle Advanced Systems – Proven aerated technology in a single high quality concrete tank. Ideal for sites that need wastewater treated to a higher standard than achieved by traditional septic treatment alone.

Lifestyle Elite Systems – Designed for the larger home or multiple dwellings.

Lifestyle Irrigation Filter Cleaning System – How to maintain the irrigation filter on your Hynds Lifestyle System.

Landscaping Ideas for Lifestyle Systems – Blending your Hynds Lifestyle System into the surrounding environment.

Authorised_Installer_white_bgFor industry – download our product brochure here

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