Guaranteed response time

Guaranteed Response Time

We guarantee to respond to your enquiry within 4 business hours.*

This level of standard response is unparallelled.

We recognise the serious nature of your problem, and potential environmental implications. It is because of this that we have taken the market leading step to ensure we manage your enquiry with the highest priority.

Just another example of Abbotts’ focus – to provide you outstanding customer service.

*Our guaranteed response time applies to our drain unblocking services only. Our response can typically be significantly quicker than 4 hours, however, we can only guarantee our response time to be within 4 hours from the time of the enquiry being logged at Abbotts Plumbing & Drainage, during business hours. Outside of business hours, we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

The response (in times of extreme demand) may sometimes only take the form of a phone call or an email. However, Abbotts Plumbing & Drainage will undertake all best endeavours to visit on-site within 4 hours. The format of response is however ultimately determined by the management of Abbotts Plumbing & Drainage Ltd and we can not guarantee that the response will be a site visit within 4 hours.

This response guarantee applies only to the greater urban Auckland region from the Bombay Hills to Silverdale. It excludes islands in the Hauraki Gulf.

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